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Character Creation

Post by Professor Stahl on Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:14 am

Once you have read the World Intro, you are welcome to create a character! Carefully walk through this guide, and you'll have a fully fledged character by the end of it!

What is your character's aspiration in life? This aspiration, or class as we will call it from now on, reflects what your character can do in this RP. Note, picking a class gives your character a direction to start with. However, this doesn't mean you're limited to doing only this. Your character can start off as a Contest Star, and eventually become the champion, and the other way around. Alternatively, you can be an explorer who decides to settle down and become a breeder. The classes give you a starting advantage in a certain direction, that is all.

You can choose from the following classes:

1. Champion
Your character wants to defeat the elite four and become the new champion, or perhaps a gym leader. The classic aspiration.
Catch rate: 1
Training rate: 5
Feat: You start with an exp. share and can pick any starter Pokemon you want upon character creation.

2. Breeder
You wish to breed the perfect Pokemon.
Catch Rate: 2
Training rate: 3
Feat: You start with a Ditto and a Pokemon breeding licence, allowing you to breed Pokemon twice as fast and without the daycare.

3. Master
Your goal is to catch them all (good luck!).
Catch Rate: 3
Training rate: 2
Feat: You start with three extra poke balls and a pokedex.

4. Explorer
Your goal is to gain knowledge of the region, or to at least have seen it all.
Catch Rate: 2
Training rate: 3
Feat: You get the ability to set up secret bases wherever you want, along with goggles that allow you to traverse through almost any weather.

5. Specialist
Your goal is to become the best trainer of a very specific Pokemon type.
Catch Rate: 1
Training rate: 3
Feat: you may catch an unlimited amount of pokemon, as long as it belongs to type you're specialized in. Pick this upon creation.

6. Contest Star
Your goal is to become a famous contest star.
Catch Rate: 2
Training Rate: 3
Feat: You start with a contest pass, which allows you to enter contests once a day. Additionally, you may create poke blocks.

Catch Rate: The amount of poke balls you have per area. In every new route or zone, you may only catch as many pokemon as your catch rate allows you to. Choose wisely! By completing certain events, you may gain extra poke balls which you can use in any zone you like
Training Rate: Every day you actively RP with your pokemon, you may distribute this amount of levels over your pokemon. By completing certain events, you may gain extra levels.

Write a small background for your character. You always start as a beginning trainer without Pokemon (unless your class specifies differently), but you were someone before you decided to travel the world and follow your dream. Answer the following questions in a 200/300 word introduction of your character:

1. Name/Age/Gender/Birthplace
2. Family background (Do you live with your spouse/parents/kids/etc? If so, who are they?)
3. Reason why your character picked this class/aspiration, details (E.G. Specialist: Water-type, personal goal is to own six shiny Magicarps.)
4. Characteristics (Fatal Flaw/Greatest asset)

Your character always starts in Mauville, and you have the option of renting a house there for yourself or your family. However, as the plot progresses and the storm clears, other locations will become available and you may move there. You may only own one house at the time.

Post this little info below here, and head over to Prof. Stahl's laboratory where she will award you your first Pokemon, water which you can update your profile with your trainer card (made here). Keep updating your party (level) and trainer card during your journey. The place to do this is on your profile and in your house!
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