Route Rules

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Route Rules

Post by Professor Stahl on Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:54 am

* The Pokemon you encounter are always of the same level as your team, unless you want to role play it differently. The pokemon you catch can however never be of a higher level than your team's average.

* For every route you visit, you may once catch Pokemon equal to your catch rate. You can increase your catch rate and level rate by gaining badges, ribbons and completing events. Extra pokeballs you receive can be used in every route, but only once. (consider it a temporary increase in your catch rate)

* You may battle trainers with their permission. Simply role play the battle between the two of you if it isn't an NPC. Don't be afraid to make your character lose once in a while! You gain a level for every battle you complete, regardless if you won or not. The DM may award you with extra levels if your role playing was spectacular.

* Please update your pokemon level and count in either your signature or your profile. You can only carry six Pokemon. You will be expected to moderate your own catch rate and level rate, but the DM will look for cheaters.
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