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Mauville Renting Agency

Post by Professor Stahl on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:09 am

Welcome to the Mauville Renting Agency. We currently have 10 free apartments catered towards small families or young trainers and 1 penthouse suite for permanent residents. Please check your trainer status if you are eligible for an Apartment in Mauville City. You can reply here to apply for an apartment, please mention your family size and occupation.

Our current residents:
# 1 - Rydel Family
# 2 - Joy Family
# 7 - Stahl residence
# 11 - Wattson residence

Our current vacancies:
#3 - Family residence
#4 - Family residence
#5 - Family residence
#6 - Family residence
#8 - One Bedroom residence
#9 - One Bedroom residence
#10 - One Bedroom residence
#12 - Penthouse suite

(After claiming an apartment number and receiving a key, you may create a topic with the following Title: <Number> <Your Character's family Name/Personal Name> This is now your apartment, that you may or may not share with your family, who stay behind while you travel. You may invite people over in your house, or simply play with your Pokemon over there. Your house, your rules. Don't forget to lock the door if everybody's gone.)
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