APP 2 - Joy Residence

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APP 2 - Joy Residence

Post by Professor Stahl on Tue Mar 01, 2016 12:41 am

This is the permanent residence of the local Joy family who run the Pokemon center. The two of the three identical Joy triplets, Megan and Daliya currently live here after they inherited the hospital from their mother. Their eldest sister Astrid is married to Wattson, and lives with him when she isn't working in the center.

Megan's husband Arch is a stay at home father who takes care of the house while his wife and sisters in law work their demanding shifts in the Pokemon center. He breeds Happinis for a living together with his five year old daughter, Ann. They are currently home.

Daliya's son Ezra would love to go into nursing school and succeed after his mother, but tradition dictates that only women may do so. As a result, he helps his uncle with breeding Happinis while waiting for a Pokemon of his own. He has a single Happini egg he may trade against a Pokemon who fits his tastes. He is currently home.

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