APP 1 - Rydel Residence

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APP 1 - Rydel Residence

Post by Professor Stahl on Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:13 am

During the daytime, the family is generally at work in their shop. At night, friends of the family may freely visit the residence, and will often be invited for dinner. The family has two daughter, Reina and Dawn.

Reina is a 20 year old woman who recently finished her Pokemon journey. Instead of challenging the elite four, she returned to her home town and took an apprenticeship with Wattson, the old gym leader. She aids him with the stronger trainers, which happens rarely. As a result, she can often be found in her parent's shop, helping out during rush hours, or cycling the Seaside Cycling Road.

Dawn is a 16 year old girl who only last month gained her first Pokemon, and has since defeated Wattson. She is currently eagerly waiting for the storm to pass so she can continue her journey to Rustborrow, where she hopes to earn her second gym badge. During the daytime she can be found on the roof, battling the boredom away or sipping a cup of coffee.

<Players may challenge Dawn after they have gotten their first badge or after they have befriended her. Players may interact with these characters freely.>
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