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Post by Professor Stahl on Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:13 am

The plot
Eight years after Brendan and May saved the world, many things have changed in Hoenn. But the peaceful days are over, and a storm is raging over the lands. What caused this storm? When will it stop? And who are those mysterious green-clad figures that are being spotted all over the region?

As of right now, you are stuck in Mauville. Due to the sudden increased intensity of the storm, you can't move too far from the city. As soon as the skies have cleared a bit, you are ready to head over to the next town. Perhaps you could explore the routes and see if you can do something about it?

The Characters
Professor Stahl came all the way from Shinoh to study the strange, intensifying storm. After months of intensive research, she settled down in Mauville city, believing this to be the epicenter of the current whirlwinds. However, she can't do it alone, which is why she is desperately asking for your help in her research, in return for a Pokemon of your own!

This RP
Welcome to Hoenn Reloaded, a free RP forum for Pokemon trainers set in a Hoenn centric RP with some D&D elements. For instance, there will be a DM who leads some story events in the form of the Pokemon professor mentioned above.

Defining features of this RP:
• The player gets to choose between almost every starter Pokemon, and a few extras.
• Gym badges are not mandatory, nor does the trainer need to get them in a set order.
• Plot gets a little darker and more mature than the original games, but remains T rated.
• Forum has a DM that moderates and moves the plot forward, but interaction is player driven.
• Players start as simple beginning trainers, but can become pretty much everything from there on out, including a Pokémon breeder, an elite four   member or the next Pokémon professor. You imagination is your limitation!
• Feel free to ignore the plot if you decide that wooing nurse joy is your character’s goal in life! Some areas will only be accessible if you meet certain conditions (e.g. the Pokémon league) or if the plot is furthered, but as long as someone on the forum succeeds, you'll be able to reap the benefits.
• RP Romance/relationships/rivalries between players and players or NPCs is allowed.
• No pressure RP’ing. You play as often and as much as you want, and participate as much in the plot as you want. We can’t all be Pokémon masters, and that’s fine.
• First timers welcome!

The Golden Rule
Good RP’ing is rewarded, not necessarily good Pokémon trainer-ship (e.g. if you play Joey, “I like shorts” so convincingly that you only want to train Ratatas and the like, then the DM will perhaps give you a shiny Pokemon, or invent a Ratata mega evolution.) Though saving the world is easier with a viable team instead of a legion of Ratatas. But by all means, train your favorites!

If this sounds like something you like, please go and create a character here:
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