Introducing: The NPCs

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Introducing: The NPCs

Post by Professor Stahl on Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:30 am

Hoenn Reloaded has many NPCs. Here are a few, sorted by name. To gain more information about a character, simply visit them and befriend them. Or even battle them. Everything is possible.

Aaron Reyn, 27, the Owner of Café Luminoise in Mauville City, single.

Ahkilah Abdjidhe, 24, Veteran Pokemon Trainer, engaged.

Arch Joy, 38, Pokemon Breeder Club President in Mauville, married.

Dawn Rydel, 16, Aspiring Pokemon Trainer in Mauville, single.

Eirika Stahl, 22, Pokemon PhD, engaged.

Ezra Joy, 19, Aspiring Pokemon Trainer in Mauville, single.

Reina Rydel, 20, Veteran Pokemon Trainer in Mauville, single.

Wattson, 68, Mauville City Gym Leader, married.
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